Saturday, 12 April 2014

Little Asher Grant

Asher has been a busy little guy the past month or so and I am sure it will only continue.
About a week ago he finished (I am hoping anyway) the phase of exploring and emptying the kitchen cupboards. It lasted about a month, and we did close off a few to him. I knew it was a phase that would pass though so I left a few cupboards for him to play in. 
He has taken his walking to a new level and is working on the beginning of running, he likes it when I chase him around the island in the kitchen. He has lots of fun, and he is totally cute as he tries to get away. (Ian is reading "The Book of Three" to the kids in this video, it is part of The Chronicles of Prydain)

Asher got his first pair of real shoes this past week and has been putting them to good use out in the backyard. He loves going out there, to the point that if he wants to go out and that is not what we are doing he gets angry and has a fit. This afternoon he brought Ian his shoes and sat down to have them put on, and then sat there pleased as can be while he waited for Ian to get his shoes on. They went with Corban to get the mail, and enjoyed the lovely weather outside.
Asher loves to watch the birds outside, I have been calling him our "Baby bird watcher". We have bird feeders in 2 spots in our yard both can be seen from our eating area in the kitchen. He will often watch while he eats. He also likes to stand on a short table at the window in the dinning room and look out to watch the birds.

He is starting to show more interest in books too, he will sit and look at the pictures and listen has I read. He likes flaps to flip and textures to touch. He also likes looking at books with animals in it when I make the sound the animal makes.

He has become more verbal, not yet saying many words, but making lots of noises and playing with the different sounds. He says mama, and dada, and "ha" which he uses when he says hi, or bye and also a night time (along with waving) when he is saying goodnight to his big sis and bros. He likes to chime in and chat to me when we are driving too, just like the big 3.

He is loving and cuddly, he gives Ian hugs in the morning when I bring him downstairs and hugs again when he gets home from work. He has decided that the best place to sleep is mommy and daddy's bed. At the moment this is working, because we still just have a mattress on the floor and it is a king so there is plenty of room even if he does decide to sleep sideways. He usually prefers to cuddle right up to me and sleep with his arm around my neck, which is super sweet.

Since our 2nd of 3 shipments arrived this week he has had fun with the toys that came in it, the cars have been high on his list, he even makes his version of car noises sometimes. He likes as well a little dog on a string that he can pull around the house.
He loves to be with his older siblings, but he plays nicely on his own too. Of course it is fun to help him discover new things. These 2 videos show both.

To finish off this post here is the cute little man coloring/drawing a picture.

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  1. what a gorgeous baby boy he is, I can's hardly wait to see you all on the weekend, and especially work on bonding more with Asher.