Monday, 31 March 2014

Mr. Corban turned 6

Our biggest boy is now even older, Corban had his 6th birthday at the end of February. Since his real birthday, Feb 29th, didn't exists this year we celebrated twice. :)
On March 1st, which was Saturday, Corban got to open gifts from us and the ones Granny & Grandpa had sent.

Corban also got a special delivery, his own bamboo plant from Granny & Grandpa.

We spent a family day together and Corban got to choose the activity. We gave him the choice of going to the H2O center (indoor pool with watersides and wave pool) or bowling (5 pin, the kids had never been 5 pin bowling before, there was 10 pin at KAUST, which they had done). 
Corban, being the very kind and thoughtful boy that he is, chose to go bowling, because he wanted all of us to be able to go. (We had been to the H2O center for Marin's birthday and even though Marin and Corban loved it, Jeriah and Asher didn't have such a good time. Jeriah was not tall enough to ride the watersides, and the water was so cold, to our woossie used the the warm Red Sea and the pools at KAUST selves, that Jeriah and Asher were getting blue lips and shivering and I sat with them in the hot tub for most of the time.) So in choosing bowling we were all able to go and participate and be comfortable. We had a fun time bowling and it was really sweet to see Corban helping Jeriah line up the ball before they let it down the ramp (you know the ones they have for kids). The kids all said they liked 5 pin bowling better because the balls are smaller and that was easier for them.

On Sunday Oma, Opa, Uncle Mark, Auntie Aneda (Corban's great Aunt), Lynda & Dylan all came to celebrate with us a second time. We had lunch together, and the kids had a fun time playing.
Chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate icing were Corban's choice, and we all sang "happy birthday" to him.

Then he got to open gifts, including one sent from Uncle Michael, Auntie Blair & Emma, which he was very excited about. :)

Mr. Corban received lots of Lego for his birthday and enjoyed putting all the sets together. He decided that he would make a new one each day, to spread out the fun. Corban along with Marin and Jeriah have been enjoying lots of time spent playing Lego, our empty basement is now the Lego zone.

Corban has enjoyed our move back to Canada, but has struggled some with it too. He has found it hard to settle into school and all the changes surrounding that. He is making positive progress though, so we are hopeful it will continue to get better. 
He is a curious, inquisitive boy though so having a whole new city and all the season to explore is right up his ally.
Corban loved winter though, he was eager to help shovel snow off the deck and driveway. He very much enjoyed sledding and playing in the snow. With spring now in the beginnings he is eager to watch the trees come back to life and has been interested in all the different birds that are coming to our yard to eat at the feeders. He would really like to "hunt" the quail... 

Corban continues to love books, he will happily sit for quite some time looking at the pictures in them and intently studies the pictures. He recently discover Garfield, and enjoys the humor in those comics. We got a wordless Garfield comic book last week from the library, Corban and Jeriah were sitting in the middle of the rug in the kids area giggling away at it, so fun and cute to see. 

Corban does his responsibility well. It is his job to empty the bottom rack of the dishwasher each day. He is in charge of taking the recycle bin the the curb, and bringing it back again. He is also eager to help with other chores around the house and he likes to help me cook too. He enjoys grading cheese and stirring sauces, and he likes to back too. He also feeds his fish.

Corban loves his brothers and sister. He and Jeriah are great playmates. He likes to make Asher happy with he is sad, and always tries to comfort him. He usually realizes though that Asher wants mommy and makes sure that I know that. :) He looks up to Marin and as she is getting a bit older and not aways wanting to play the same games Corban and Jeriah are I notice more often that he is asking her to come and join them.

Our Corban is a special guy, full of energy, cuddly, imaginative and loving. We are so happy his our boy. 


  1. Happy Birthday Corban!!
    We really miss you tons!, Big hugs from all of us :-)

  2. Great to read about you Corban. Your Granny and Grandpa think you are wonderful.

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