Monday, 17 February 2014

Turn one - check, learn to walk - check

So Mr. Asheroo's birthday was on the 30th, a Thursday, that day we giave him is birthday sleigh (that will convert into a wagon). Ian assembled it and then the big kids took turns pulling him around the living room, he thought it was great fun. :) We had ice cream that night and put a candle in it to sing happy birthday to him.
The next day Asher decided that it was time to learn to walk, and the first thing to learn was to stand up unassisted. That day he practiced many, many times and mastered the ability of standing up all on his own. Over the next couple days he worked on that and transferring taking a step unassisted between things.
On Feb 1st,  Saturday, Oma, Opa, Uncle Mark, Lynda and Dylan all came over to celebrate his birthday too. We had pizza, which he loves and cupcakes.
He very much liked the candle on top. :)

We sang to the very cute little birthday boy.

And then gave him a cupcake. All he did with it was mash it into pieces and play with it.
Asher is 1!
He enjoyed playing with the gift bags and eventually found the present inside. 

Ripping paper was also fun!
Pressing the buttons on his very own remote control. :)

Throughout the first week of February Asher kept practicing his walking, by the 9th he was able to take 10-15 steps in a row. Corban and Jeriah were building towers for him to walk to and knock down and Marin would drive a toy car around the room for him to follow. They were all very excited for him to walk. He learned very quickly and was determined, not giving up to crawling when he fell down.
We are so proud of our cute little guy. :)

On Feb 13th Asher decided that learning to play soccer was next on his agenda.

He is quite good for a little guy who has only been walking for 2 weeks don't ya think? :)

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  1. What a wonderful little guy - give him a big hug from us. Great posting Kristin.