Thursday, 13 February 2014

Miss Marin is 8!

Our gorgeous girl turned 8 on January 19th, I missed posting on her actual birthday, but now I will give a recap of her birthday and what she has been up to the last while.
First off she is 8! Time is flying by and she is closer to being a teenager than to when she was a baby! Ahh!
She is a wonderful girl, full of enthusiasm and love.
She has handled our move back to Canada really well. There have of course been tears and many talks about it, but that is normal and to be expected. At this point she has lived half her life at KAUST and so that was home to her and what she knew best. She had many friends she left behind, including her dear Jemmy (as she calles Jemhalyn) and Elena, her bestest little friend, that she has been best buds with since day one at KAUST. She has adjusted well though to our new home and to her new school and all the new kids she has met there. She loves going to school each day and has jumped right into all the new activities and ways of doing things there.

These 2 pictures are the last ones of her at KAUST. She was dressed up for Book Week at school, she went as Baby Mouse.

Such a cute mouse. :)

She is a great helper and enjoys helping me cook, she regularly comes into the kitchen while I am making dinner to ask what she can do. She helps out around the house, washing the towels and helping emptying the dishwasher are her chores.
She is a super big sister, she loves all her brothers and has a special and different relationship with each of them. She plays so well with Asher and likes to teach him new things. She is eager to do "babysitting responsibility" in which she takes care of Asher while Ian and I are working on a different task around the house.

This picture is from Christmas at my parents house. The other children in the picture weren't so co-operative so I cropped out these 2. :)

Corban and Jeriah really look up to Marin, she is a leader and is learning to manage the 2 of them well, even trying to work out the differences they all have at times. It has been fun watching the 3 of them enjoy playing outside in the snow together. They all have such great imaginations that all they need is the snow and then they come up with all sorts of games to play.

Here she is opening the orchid Granny & Grandpa had delivered for her birthday.

On the Saturday the 18th we went to the H2O center, which Marin was super excited about. She loves watersides and playing in pools and she had a ball. We were joined by the McWilliam family and the kids all had a great time, after the water fun we came back to our place for pizza and ice cream. I have no pictures. :(
On Marin's birthday, the 19th, we went to Salmon Arm to Oma & Opa's house for an afternoon of sledding and then cupcakes and gift opening. My cousin Lynda and her son Dylan joined us.

Front to back: Corban, Marin, Ian, Jeriah and Dylan a sledding train.


Uncle Mark joined us too. :)

The birthday girl going over a jump.

She got air.

Cupcakes with 8 candles. :)

Singing Happy Birthday.

Opening gifts.

A few other bits about Marin:
She continues to LOVE stuffed animals, she has since she was little and her collection is growing, it would be even bigger if it were up to her.
She loves to watch movies.
She is really into My Little Pony.
She is enjoying the sculpture class she is part of.
She is enjoying the Olympics and really likes to watch figure skating.
She likes to read comic style books.
She loves to shop with me. :)

She is the best. We love her!


  1. Wonderful pic, wonderful tribute to a very lovely girl. MARIN WE LOVE YOU.

  2. Happy birthday sweet Marin!!
    We love you and miss you tons. Elena was so sad to not be with you on your special day.
    We are sending you tons of hugs.