Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Asher!

Today is the day our littlest man turns 1 year old!
One year ago seems so far away...

The changes our family has had since then make it seem like it has been more then one year. The best change though has been the addition of Asher to our family, he is such a wonderful, happy guy and we all love him so much.
He adores his big sister and big brothers, each one has a special way of playing with him. He loves to be with them, sometimes when the big 3 are playing Asher will just be sitting by them with such a happy pleased look on his face just because he is by them in the middle of the action.
Asher is both easy going and demanding, he is such an easy baby and he has been so relaxed during all our travels, moving and everything that entailed. He doesn't fuss now that he is packed around with all the school drop offs, picks ups and grocery shopping. He is a great eater, and that is definitely where he becomes demanding. He loves food, some kinds more then others and he gets really loud, real fast if he wants more, or something different. Top on his list of favorite foods right now are blueberries, strawberries, spaghetti and pizza. He also likes yogurt, pasta with Alfredo sauce, bread with spreads like peanut butter and honey or jam, oranges, grapefruit, raisins, corn, fish, chicken and pork. He is not big on veggies, especially green ones, and shows his displeasure for them by tossing them on the floor. 
Asher can also be demanding at night time when he no longer wants to sleep in his own bed and wants to join Ian and I in our bed and snuggle. 
Asher has been enjoying the outdoors here and winter is not bothering him at all.  We have been enjoying walks on many of the nature trails near our house. When we go I help get the big 3 all bundled up in coats and whatnot and then I get Asher and I ready. I carry him in the Bjorn and on a few occasions after strapping him in I have realized I have forgotten something and gone back to get it, he gets very upset because he thinks he is not getting to go along and cries. :( He loves to watch the big 3 run on ahead of us and often squeals with glee, kicks his feet and flaps his arms as if to say wait for me I am coming too. He is going to be so happy when he gets his chance to run along too!
He is not walking yet, but he will soon enough. He can stand not holding onto anything and he transfers between things well, sometimes taking the one step between. He is climbing stairs well, and he knows to go backwards down stairs and to get off beds and couches.
Asher has 6 teeth through, he is weighing in at 20 lbs 15 oz and is 30 inches long.
Asher loves to get into the kitchen cupboards, just today he tried eating one of the soap pods for the dishwasher. Talk about washing your mouth out with soap, funny baby. He is definitely one of those kids that prefers to play with things that are not toys. That being said he loves to play ball and he is very good at playing pass. He also likes to knock down towers that we build for him and he is starting to show interest in fitting shapes into the right holes.

Asher has some nicknames that have stuck, Asheroo, Asher-kinzie, and Baby Baba. He is a funny little guy and likes to make people laugh. The other day he was playing with his shape sorter and I got the camera out to take pictures of him. He saw me and smiled a little.
Then he started clapping,

and making silly faces
all to make me laugh. :)
"Yay me I made mommy laugh!"

Asher is such a joy and we love him so incredibly much, we are blessed each day as we enjoy this cute, sweet little boy.
Happy Birthday Asher we love you!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to our gorgeous baby boy, Kristin. He sure is cute. sweet and in the last series of these pics resembles Corban. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Asher.