Saturday, 30 November 2013

10 Months

Our handsome little man is 10 months old. Crazy to think that in 2 months he will be 1 year. (and crazy to think of all the things that will happen between now and then too!)
Asher is up to all sorts of antics these day.
Chasing me down to get the camera,
and having a fit when I wont let him have it.
Climbing the stars,
and feeling pretty pleased about it when he gets to the top.
Exploring the pantry.
And getting himself into tricky spots.
"Hmmm, I don't really fit in here..."
"Look at me mom!"
He did manage to get himself out all on his own. :)
Bathrooms are no longer safe anymore either, toilet paper is SO fun! Gotta keep the doors closed!

Asher enjoys eating, his #1 favorite thing to eat is clementine oranges. At lunch time he eats his meal and ends with an orange, and when he thinks he is ready for it he wont stop yelling until he gets it. We are working on the sign for "more", but sometimes the need for the orange is far to urgent for that!

He loves to be in the middle of whatever it is the big 3 are doing, often he isn't even really doing anything he just sits in the middle of what is going on looking about with a pleased look on his face.

He loves music, Marin has been playing "Christmas with Boney M" on iTunes, Asher wiggles away and shakes his arms and dose his own version of "raise the roof" dance move. I need to catch it on video!

Asher is very snugly and loving too, he gives sweet hugs and kisses, and we just love him to bits!

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