Sunday, 27 October 2013

Happy Birthday Jeriah!

Today Jeriah is 4 years old!
Happy Birthday to our wonderful, smart, funny, handsome, loving boy!
Jeriah and I were out shopping the other day and he saw a checker board game. He commented on how he would like one. Ian and I came up with a plan that involved he and Jeriah making one together for his birthday. He is very pleased with his new game. :) 
They played 3 kids vs. Daddy
Contemplating his next move.
Jeriah is easy to please when it comes to birthday cakes, he wanted a  heart shape cake with Mini M&M's on it (same as last year). This year we "mixed it up a bit" by putting Angry Bird candles on it, which he was pretty pleased with.
His birthday was more of a birthday long weekend, on Friday he and Ian made the checker board together. Saturday we carved pumpkins, and Jeriah, Marin and Ian went to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", we had pizza for dinner and birthday cake that night.
Today (his actual birthday) was a school day and I brought cupcakes to his class and read them "If you Give a Pig a Party". He was very excited to have me come and read the story to the class, he has been watching me go to Marin and Corban's classes for the past years. He even announced to his class "This is the first time ever my mommy is reading a book to my class". This evening he opened his gifts, and we had birthday cupcakes and sang happy birthday to him.
A little Jeriah anecdote: He gives me what have become know as "mickey kisses" I don't even remember how they got that name. Anyway a "mickey kiss" goes like this, we kiss each other (on the lips) and also smunching noses together, at the same time saying "Mmmmmm", he also usually has his arms around my neck, and then at the right time, usually determined by him we tip our heads back and say whaaa".

We love you SO MUCH Jeriah-kinzy!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeriah.
    The picture of him and his cake is absolutely precious!!

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