Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween 2013!

The Things of Halloween. :)
Thing 1 - Marin in Cancun, 9 months 12 days old
Thing 2 - Corban in Coquitlam, 8 months 2 days old
Thing 3 - Jeriah in KAUST, 1 year 4 days old
Thing 4 - Asher in KAUST, 9 month 1 day old
So this year for Halloween we had, Thing 4 of course.
Cute as can be... but what you don't see from these pictures is that he was totally peeved with me and having a fit, because I wouldn't let him play with the camera. :)
Super man!
Crazy little kid.
Who as you can see can fly.
And last, but defiantly not least a Viking Ballerina.
Yes thats right and is she not totally hilarious!
Seriously cracks me up, what a kid. I love her!
A twirl of course.
And some defense moves, I think...
The 4 of them, man they are so stink-in cute!
And this one just because look at the looks on the big boys faces. Ha!
And action!

Happy Halloween to all! We hope you have a fun day, we sure did!


  1. Absolutely wonderful costumes, great poses, and four of the world's cutest kids. I do agree.

  2. I can't tell who made me laugh the hardest!

  3. your kids are so expressive. love it!

  4. Those are great pictures and FUNNY kids!!!