Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Big 3

Here is a bit of a glimpse at the big 3 kiddos.
Mr. Jeriah is his silly little self. He hangs out with me in the mornings and is my helper, we grocery shop, bake, take care of Asher and play. He is loving the alphabet and learning the different sounds that the letters make. He is full of questions and will love school next year. He is already talking about how he will take the bus home and what color he would like his backpack to be.
He is such a funny kid. In this video he is singing part of a song from the Backyardigans.
Mr. Corban is getting so big, he is gaining on Marin in height, and I wonder how long it will be before he becomes taller. Corban is understanding letters and the sounds they make very well, which is what spurred Jeriah's interest. When they play I can hear them talking about letters and making the sounds together that each letter makes. Corban is good at teaching Jeriah if he has the wrong letter or sound. Corban loves rhyming and has also made huge progress in his writing ability.
This past week was his K2 Show case at school.
Here he is pictured with the 2 airplane pictures he drew and a write up about the airplane he made.
The quote from his write up. "I made an airplane and a cloud. It's for taking people to places. Sometimes people can travel places through a car if the countries are stuck together. Some places are not so you need an airplane to cross an ocean. We need to go other places to visit..."
He preferred sticking his tongue out...
this is the only picture with his tongue in his mouth.
The whole class made a town modle, many of the things they made represented building in our community. Corban made an airplane, that we all need to use to get back to our home counties. :)

Miss Marin keeps becoming more and more grown up,  and I can't believe she will soon finish Gr.1
She likes to help me in the kitchen when I am cooking, or baking, she calls herself the "mini chef". Her favorite is to help with Thursday night pizza making.
She is continuing to learn piano and the other day and dropped in on her practicing with the video camera.


  1. Thanks for posting, Kristin. It is great seeing these three wonderful kids in action. We are missing them, and look forward to your coming home in a while. We love you all six big time.

  2. The kids are doing so great! Such eager little learners. Great variety. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marin's face as she plays is so fun to watch!