Friday, 15 February 2013

Asher Grant

Our new baby boy, Asher is here and we are so thrilled!
Thank you everyone for all your warm wishes and comments on the blog, FB, and email. :)
Many of you commented on who you think Asher looks like, he is definitely one of us and has similarities to each of us. He has dimples like Corban, he has the same hair line and cow-lick as Jeriah and Ian, and his face shape and chin is like Marin's was when she was a baby, and he has "the Visscher upper lip" from me.
He will be his own person though and it will be fun to watch him grow and change, hopefully not too fast though, we are enjoying our time with a sweet little baby.
Asher is a wonderful baby, he eats well, fills his diapers, sleeps like a baby (which is allowing more and better sleep than I was getting while still pregnant), and when he is awake he is really alert and looks around at his surroundings. He is a fan of bath time and enjoys feeling the water run over his belly as we pour it over him. He is growing, I can tell just by looking at him, his cheeks are bigger and his double chin is growing. :) He is filling up his clothes and as it always goes with babies it wont be long before he grows out of them.
The pictures I am sharing now are all from our time in the hospital when Asher was born, it has unfortunately taken me this long to get them all sorted, and write this post. As you can imagine I have even less "free time" than I did before!
So it had been the plan that on Wednesday (Jan 30th) morning I was to be induced, but as it turns out the little man decided to come on his own. I woke up early that morning, 5:30am, with a contraction. They continued throughout the morning, we got the kids off to school and then drove the 1 1/2 hours to the IMC in Jeddah. Once we were there and all checked in it was about 11:30am, I was set up in a delivery room and our doctor came to check in on us. (We had been going to Jeddah to see our doctor from about 22 weeks, he actually did all his training in Canada, and lived, worked, and taught there for 12 years. It was wonderful to have a doctor who understood what we wanted and helped us get it.)
Once we had been in the delivery room for a short time the contractions became more serious, I was offered drugs many times (by the OB that was on duty who came in to check on me because our doctore did a c-section between checking on me the first time and then delivering Asher), but said no each time, I told her to shut up once too, because she was seriously annoying me! She was grouchy pushy and unpleasant, and when Ian would answer her question about me not wanting drugs she would ignore him and pester me for an answer. Very few women give birth here without drugs so it is not something they are used to. Our Doctor returned at about 1:30pm and then at 2:28pm Asher was born. It happened so quickly within 3 contractions he was out and I didn't even have to push, he just popped out. Asher spent  1 1/2 hours with us, during which he was very alert, but calm, and he ate too. Then Ian went with him to the nursery to get cleaned up and checked over. After that they came back to me. :)
We spent 2 nights in the hospital soaking up time with our new little boy. :)
Ian brought his macro lens along.

On Thursday (like Saturday for us) Ian went home and got the kids so they could come and meet Asher. They were super excited and he got many many snuggles from his 3 big siblings.
Marin wanted to give him big squeezie hugs because he is so cute, but she knew she couldn't squeeze too hard. :)

Corban gave many hugs too, but he was super curious and wanted inspect Asher, he wanted to see his fingers, his toes, when he yawned he looked in his mouth and even tried holding it open, but we explained that he couldn't do that. He wanted him to open his eyes so he could see them, and on and on. 

Jeriah wanted his turn too and was very gentle and loving he showed concern when Asher cried and wanted to make sure that Asher's needs were met. "Mommy you need to feed the baby", he still tells me this. :)
As it happened in the past each time we have had a new baby, the child who was the youngest instantly looks so much bigger. This of course has happened again with Jeriah who now, no longer being the "baby, looks so big. 
There are 6 os us!
Asher's name, Asher Grant, took us a while to decide on, not because we couldn't agree, that has not been a problem we have had, it just took us a while to find the one that was the right fit.
I'll start with his middle name, Grant, it is Ian's middle name and it means "great". Asher is a Biblical name and it means "blessing/happy". Great blessing is exactly what Asher is to us and we are so happy to have him! God has given us 4 incredible children, and we are so thankful for them! There is a second significance to Asher's name. Ian (we) wanted to honor his profesor Ash, who has been a part of our lives for many many years, by having Ash be part of the name we chose. Ash is like a grandfather to our kids, he loves them and they love him, both are always love the chance they get to be together. Ash is a happy and kind man and we are very glad that he is our friend.
On Friday morning we did all the check out procedures, and headed home at lunch time arriving here at 1:30pm.
Asher loves Canada! :)
Our new little boy is as sweet as can be and we love him heaps and heaps! We are so happy that he has joined our family and look forward to watching him grow and to seeing who he becomes. :)


  1. A beautiful post! I love hearing about you experience and seeing pictures of your beautiful family. Asher is gorgeous and it will be fun to watch him grow:).
    Enjoy this very special newborn time.

  2. This post totally made me tear up. Congratulations on your new addition. You have such a gorgeous family.

  3. He's gorgeous! Congratulations :)

  4. Michelle G1:45 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing Asher's birth story with us! Your family is so very precious. I love being able to watch your beautiful children grow.

  5. how wonderful! Well done, Mama! Such a lovely family, and I love seeing how you teach and nurture your kids as you experience life together. xo