Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ian the Instagramer ~Part 49 ~Conference in Okinawa Japan Edition

I spent my Eid at a conference in Okinawa. Food was an interesting part of the trip. This "Pig ear slice of peanut butter dress" was tasty but had an unpleasant texture. But it had to be tried because of the awesome name. The menu looked to have been translated using a dictionary by some one who clearly didn't know English. There were a bunch of really awesomely named dishes.

To prove how interesting our food was, here is a picture of two of my students (both named David) taking a picture of our meal.

The only touristy thing I had time for in Okinawa was going to Shurijo Castle which was destroyed in WW2 but has been restored. This was one of the gates to the castle grounds.

Lion guarding Kankaimon gate at Shurijo castle.

"Odo" building for storing Buddhist scripture at Shurijo Castle.

Ducks in lake Enkan by Shurijo Castle.

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