Saturday, 17 November 2012

Super Bike

Check out our new ride!
We bought the 2 seat attachment second hand last week and over the weekend they learned how to ride it. They know how to ride a bike but this took a bit of getting used to.
Off they go!
They went around the neighborhood passing by the house for me to take pictures. :)
The kids have named it the "super bike". As they were ride Marin sings (to the tune of "Here we go round the mulberry bush") "This is the way we ride our super bike, ride our super bike, ride our super bike, Daddy is in front, I'm behind, Corban's the caboos."
We also call it the "bike train". Love the face on the "caboose" in this one.
Little Mister hung out in the front yard with me playing with sticks. He is trying real hard to break this one.
What a cute dude!


  1. Oh my goodness what fun. I love the look of joy on Corban's face. Tell Marin her song is wonderful and she is a poet. As for small J he is always one of the worlds cutest kids. The look on his face trying to break the stick makes me long to see him again. I think our family has a monopoly on the world's cutest kids, but then I might be a little prejudiced.

  2. I love the train! Ian's going to have some pretty strong quads with those two on the back! Hope there aren't too many hills there ;)