Friday, 23 November 2012

31 Weeks in the Desert

Yesterday we went on a little adventure to explore some of the desert.
There was sand and rocks,

more rocks,

 and spiky plants.

We could see KAUST in the distance.

Camels had been through the area.

Marin was comparing the size of her foot to the camels.

We found holes that we are assuming some creature lived in.

I asked Jeriah to stand nice so I could take his picture, he did this. :)

Then the big 2 jumped in.
Marin was shocked by her own strength when she broke a chunk of the rock off.

The big one, and the little one.

"The blue beast" (as we call it) posing for a Toyota add.

Walking along the road.

Jeriah and Jem.

The six of us. (The (3 big) kids were not co-operative, they all look so impressed...)

Mr. Corban being goofy.

Kissy face.

Miss Marin. :)

"We are at the top!"

"We are all at the top!" (Of this little pile of sand...)

Marin showing how prepared she was for someone to get a boo-boo, she packed along the band-ids.

Me & Baby Foulds #4 at 31 weeks.

So that in a nutshell was our lovely sunny Thursday morning in the desert.
Guess what?

Today it rained.


  1. As always we love tracking with you on your adventures. Great pictures. So good to have family times like this to remember. Hugs and love to you all.