Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fall Fun

It is still technically fall, but the difference in the temperature from last week to this week tells us that winter is starting. We are having temperatures below 0 and it is cold. I dug out all the winter gear and the kids have found it exciting to get all dressed up in hats and mits, if only the excitement would last...
Anyway yesterday being Remembrance Day and there being no school we spent some time out in the yard during the sunny afternoon. We raked up the leaves from the maple tree and the kids enjoyed the fall fun that they have been missing all these years.

(Asher had laid down in the pile of leaves, Marin and Jeriah joined him, Corban was on his way to join, but then Asher got up and wouldn't lay down again.)

Here they are in action. :)

Friday, 31 October 2014

The Circus

Happy Halloween from the Foulds Circus!
Complete with Ring Master Ian, Clown Marin, Fierce Tiger Corban, Dog who can do Tricks Jeriah and Baby Dolphin Asher. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Jeriah is 5!

J ~ jovial and jocund
E ~ excited about school and eager to share about what he did while there
R ~ really clever and witty
I ~ incredibly long eye lashes
A ~ always loved
H ~ happy and helpful

Today Mr. Jeriah Ross turns 5 years old!
Thinking back to his birth, just shy of 3 month after we arrived in Saudi Arabia, seems like such an incredibly long time ago. Not said in a negative way at all, just so much changed while we were at KAUST and now we are here back living in Canada again. Crazy all that can be packed into 5 years.

Jeriah you are such an awesome and wonderful boy, we are so grateful that you are ours.
You are caring and sharing, and you play well with all 3 of your siblings. You don't like Asher to be upset and do what you can to make him happy if he is sad. Your nickname for him is "Ashy". You and Corban are great buddies and you love playing LEGO together or really any other game you come up with. Marin and you are close as well, you like to join her when she watches "My little Pony" and you like to make up skits together. You enjoy being rambunctious and running around, but you also love to sit and do puzzles, look at books and play games.

You have caught on very quickly to playing the piano and are impressing your teacher (and your mom and dad) with your abilities to read music and play. You even like to learn the words and sing along to the songs you play.

You are doing well in school and are eager to learn how to read. You also really love to count, often when we are driving in the van you will want me to count with you to see how high a number we can get to between home and our destination.
You are smart and have a really good memory. When you met your new kindergarten teacher for the first time you impressed her with your knowledge of fish that live way, way down deep in the ocean when you recalled the name of the angler fish after she and I both got the name wrong.
You are a chatty little guy and you like having all sorts of conversation, there is never a quiet moment when you and I are driving somewhere together. You ask lots of questions, and really process all the information you take in.
You are social and love making friends at school. You also have no trouble striking up conversations and making friends where ever you are.
You are sweet, funny and loving and we blessed to have you as our boy.
Happy Birthday Jeriah-kins!

*I did a search for words that started with J when writing this post, the two words I used describe Jeriah well. 
Jovial-joyful and playful. Someone who is jovial is generally happy and has a great sense of humor.
Jocund-cheerful; high spirits. If you have a jocund personality, you usually have a lot of friends and love socialising.

Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 Sockeye Salmon Run

On Saturday we went to Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park to check out the sockeye salmon coming back to spawn in the Adams River. Ian and I had gone many times as kids, it had been years since our last visit though, and the first time for our kids. My Auntie Anedea and Uncle John live near by the park and so we went to visit them as well. My cousin Lynda and her son Dylan met us there and together we went to see the Salmon. After walking at the park Aunty Andea fed us a delicious soup lunch and we spent the early afternoon visiting.
It was a beautiful fall day with perfect weather. BC is such an amazing place, we are so happy to be able to enjoy it year-round again.
The sockeye are all red, with green heads, so each red thing you see in the water is a fish.

It really is an impressive feat these fish accomplish, thousands of people come from all over the world to see this natural event. 
This is how it ends for the fish though. This pair even died together, awww.... ewww...
Marin, Dylan, Jeriah and Corban watching from the viewing platform.
There was no shortage of fish for Asher to spot.
Again with the amazing BC beauty!
The kids had fun along the shores of the river watching the fish and checking out the dead ones too, well Corban, Jeriah and Dylan did. You are welcome for not posting pictures of them attempting to pop the eyeballs out.
This is their impression of the dead fish.
There were many seagulls around for the easy feast of dead fish.
(I should note that the vast majority of the fish were still alive)
Also easy pickings for the bears, thankfully they head out when all the people come around.

Such funny and cute little bears we have. :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mister Puzzler

Asher really enjoys puzzles. We have collected many over the years and so I am bringing them out one at a time so he has a "new" one to enjoy every once and a while. On Friday I gave him this one. He had it about a month ago, but didn't seem to care for it, this time he had fun with it though. :)