Monday, 29 February 2016

Corban's "2nd" birthday!

Happy 8th birthday to Corban!
Today we got to celebrate our boy on his actual birthday! When Corban turned 4 he didn't understand what having a leap year birthday meant. This year though he gets it and enjoys it. It is fun for him to be silly with his friends and with us at home and tell us that it is his second birthday and that he is now the "youngest" in the family. :) The other day he has was asking me "When I have had 4 real birthdays how old will I be?" and so on and so on. 

Eight years ago our cute little fuzzy headed bundle. :)
One year old, our bright eyed boy on the go.
Five years old with his adorable dimples.
And (almost, picture was taken in Dec) eight years old enjoying an adventure in the snow.

Eight bits about our Mr. Corban
1. He LOVES comic books. Peanuts are a favourite as well as Garfield. But really he enjoys all of them, he is just drawn to comics. It makes me so happy to see him so often curled up on the couch with his nose in a comic book.
2. He really enjoys Lego, building it and following the instruction is his favourite part.  He likes to play with it afterward, but he is most excited to build a new set.
3. He loves board games, all sorts, Clue, Life, Monopoly, Sorry, Settlers, Carcassonne. He also likes card games too.
4. He is sharing, he is always willing to share his candy treats with his siblings. Like for his birthday he got a bag of his favourite, Gummy Bears, and right away offered to share. :)
5. He has really come to enjoy skiing. At first he was leery and hesitant. But now he zooms down the hills, goes through trees and over jumps, and is usually always the first one to the bottom.
6. He did his first school science fair project and when asked what he wanted to do he said "blow stuff up" so... With Ian's help they blew up and popped 100 water balloons to see if there was a color that was strongest. He had lots of fun! 

7. His favourite go to comfort food is "granola and laban" which he learned to like when we lived in Saudi Arabia. He we don't have laban here, but kefir is basically the same thing so he uses it instead.
8. He is a smart kid and likes to learn scientific facts. Listening to Quirks & Quarks on CBC is really fun for him and he gets excited to tell me what he learns from it. For example I know all about a plant that has seeds that look and smell like poo so that dung beetles with collect it and burry it, thanks to Corban. :)

Even though Corban had an actual birthday this year the celebration was spread out over 3 days. On Saturday Oma, Opa, Uncle Michael, Auntie Blair & Emma came and we at Corban's request had pizza and brownies. He got some fun gifts and we spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine. 

On Sunday we hosted 7 of his friends from school and they played games with robots which Ian set up and organized and some Lego Bingo.  The kids all had lots of fun and Ian and I even survived!

Then today at his request we had homemade macaroni, and homemade cinnamon buns. He opened his gifts from us and Granny & Grandpa.
Hiding behind the present and poking his head out was his idea. Goof-ball.
A giant comic book with all the Peanuts comics from the 1980's

Cinnamon bun with 8 candles. :)

We love you Corban and we are SO glad that you are our boy! We look forward to seeing how you grow and change between now and your next birthday, you'll be 12 then!! ;)

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Early Spring Hike

I have said it before, but we really do enjoy all the different places to hike in Kelowna. This weekend we went to Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park.

I didn't get a good picture of Corban and Asher, they were either making faces or not standing still long enough. :)
The kids loved exploring and finding good hiking sticks.
The section we were walking in was part of the fire in 2003,  but combined with the views it was beautiful.

And we managed an "usie" with some of the lake in the background. :)
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday to Asher!

Our Baby is 3!!!
And of course not a baby anymore, not even a toddler... a preschooler!

It seems so, so long ago though that he was born, our adorable little boy,
and we became 6. It feels like it has always been the 6 of us. :)
We moved to Kelowna and he turned one.
And then two.

And today three. Our cute, happy boy.
He was excited for his birthday, and would happily tell us when we asked how old he was going to be "3!" He would hold out his hand and put up 3 fingers and then make sure that in fact only 3 were sticking up.
Asher is not a fan of cake and so I made him an ice cream cake, because he likes ice cream. 
He loves to blow out candles and I loved watching him blow out his 3 birthday candles this afternoon. He totally knew what to do and waited until the singing was all done. :)

Oma, Opa, Uncle Michael, Auntie Blair & Emma came to help celebrate and he very much enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy all his gifts.
Some bits about Asher as you scroll through the pictures.
He is crazy good at puzzles, and really knows the letters in the alphabet well. He naturally liked and learned both letters and puzzles, I never pushed them on him or worked to teach him them, he just likes them.  He likes to find letter A's because that is "my name" and he also knows the letters all our family members names start with. When we are walking by parked cars he likes to list all the letters on the license plates.
He enjoys shows and the characters from Paw Patrol, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas, and Puffin Rock.
He likes to play with cars and trains and diggers. And the garbage truck coming on Fridays is always fun. Winter is a great time, because he also gets to see the plow trucks. :)
He loves to eat chips with salsa and often will eat salsa by the spoonful. He likes cashews, pizza (his requested meal for the day), yogurt, most fruits, and meat. Aside from cucumbers (and tomato sauces) he is not big on veggies though.
Asher loves to snuggle and read books, when we sit down on the couch he often likes to make sure we have a blanket to cuddle under and a stack of books to read through. Weekly story time at the library is a highlight for him. It is a mix of songs, stories and little action poems, but sitting to listen to the stories is his favourite. 
Asher is super cuddly and gives awesome hugs, the best is when a hug comes with an "I luff you". He will often like to, if he is being held by Ian or I, get us to go close to the other so he can have an "Asher sandwich hug". He still comes to our bed at some point each night and crawls in snuggles in and goes to sleep again.
He calls himself "Ash", Jeriah is "Kaka" Corban, "Corcorm" and Marin is "Babin". His speech is becoming clearer and clearer so I am interested to see how it will change what he calls them. Or if his nicknames for them will stick just because. 
He enjoys the snow and like sledding, his version of skating which involves a helmet a hockey stick and puck but no stakes. Next year he will learn to ski and he thinks that sounds like a good idea. What he likes to do best though is play in the snow as if it were sand. :) 
He loves to play "pay-poh" (play-doh) with his big brothers and just like them can sit for hours happily playing.
Asher also really likes stickers, and making sticker pictures. If he doesn't have stickers he like to use glue to stick things onto a piece of paper.
 Gifts were also brought for Marin (they had not yet seen her for her birthday) and the big 3 enjoyed a couple games of Clue with Oma. 

Happy Birthday to our totally cute dimple cheeked, funny, smart, sweet Asher!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Happy 10th Birthday to Marin!

Marin is 10 years old!!

10 years ago we were blessed with this adorable little bundle, 
and a year later she was a cute little toddler. 
Then she turned into a spunky, gorgeous 5 year old 
and now she is a beautiful 10 year old who wont stop growing up!

Our girly is becoming a wonderful young lady. Marin continues to love and enjoy many of the things she has since she was very little, books, movies and stuffys to name a few. Her stuffy collection keeps growing and growing, she would fill her whole room with them if we let her. :) She usually always has 2 or 3 books on the go and loves to watch movies that make her laugh. Marin loves our 2 cats, they are "live stuffys" that cuddle her while she reads and watches movies. Best of both worlds!
Her sense of adventure and interest in trying new things has not dwindled and she has taken to skiing and really likes it. She enjoys winter, but she also loves summer and swimming and is already excited for summer camp.
Marin enjoys baking, and helping me cook, and is becoming more independent in the kitchen. She likes crafts of various kinds as well. 
She is a social butterfly and loves school, she doesn't love every subject, but she does well in spite of that.
Our girl is witty, outgoing and so fun to be with. We are so grateful that she is our girl! Happy Birthday Marin we LOVE YOU!!!!

For her birthday Marin requested apple pie. She helped to make it and then we put candles in it and sang happy birthday to her. :) For fun check out the slow-mo of her blowing out her candles.

Monday, 9 November 2015

This Weekends Walk

 We went down to the lake to Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary. 

It is fun to continue to explore this city we live in. :)