Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 Sockeye Salmon Run

On Saturday we went to Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park to check out the sockeye salmon coming back to spawn in the Adams River. Ian and I had gone many times as kids, it had been years since our last visit though, and the first time for our kids. My Auntie Anedea and Uncle John live near by the park and so we went to visit them as well. My cousin Lynda and her son Dylan met us there and together we went to see the Salmon. After walking at the park Aunty Andea fed us a delicious soup lunch and we spent the early afternoon visiting.
It was a beautiful fall day with perfect weather. BC is such an amazing place, we are so happy to be able to enjoy it year-round again.
The sockeye are all red, with green heads, so each red thing you see in the water is a fish.

It really is an impressive feat these fish accomplish, thousands of people come from all over the world to see this natural event. 
This is how it ends for the fish though. This pair even died together, awww.... ewww...
Marin, Dylan, Jeriah and Corban watching from the viewing platform.
There was no shortage of fish for Asher to spot.
Again with the amazing BC beauty!
The kids had fun along the shores of the river watching the fish and checking out the dead ones too, well Corban, Jeriah and Dylan did. You are welcome for not posting pictures of them attempting to pop the eyeballs out.
This is their impression of the dead fish.
There were many seagulls around for the easy feast of dead fish.
(I should note that the vast majority of the fish were still alive)
Also easy pickings for the bears, thankfully they head out when all the people come around.

Such funny and cute little bears we have. :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mister Puzzler

Asher really enjoys puzzles. We have collected many over the years and so I am bringing them out one at a time so he has a "new" one to enjoy every once and a while. On Friday I gave him this one. He had it about a month ago, but didn't seem to care for it, this time he had fun with it though. :)

Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumn Adventure

On Saturday Ian needed to spend a bit of time getting some work done, so the kids and I went out to enjoy the beautiful weather.
In front of me.

Behind me.

Asher walked for quite a while,  but they it got to rocky for him so he rode in the Ergo.

Fun times exploring!

My cute adventurers!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Summer 2014 Memories - Trip to the lower mainland

I have had these pictures uploaded to blogger for over a month now...

So from June 20th to 24th we were in the lower mainland, making visits in Aldergrove, Port Coquitlam, Belcarra and Vancouver.

We visited with Great Granny Foulds, and (Great) Uncle Mark. The kids played in the creek, and Granny made us hot dogs and had a great time filling the kids up with cookies and ice cream. :)

We went on a hike in Belcarra, and explored all the plant life and ate some of the berries we found along the way. (The ones that are good to eat, not poisonous ones)

We had a visit with Ash! 

We went to the zoo.
(Funny story. When we arrived at the enclosure with the aoudads, there were about 5 other kids attempting to feed this one (in the picture) some grass. The aoudad, didn't want any of it. So Corban found some larger leaves off the branches of the trees and then picked some grass and made a "sandwich" with the leaves as bread and the grass on the inside. He gave it to the aoudad, and it ate it up. He made more and the aoudad kept eating them. Corban has experience feeding goat like creatures "sandwiches" because he feeds Oma and Opa's goat "sandwiches".)

We went to the aquarium. It was great fun checking out all the creatures there.
We were in the "splash zone" for the beluga show and we sure got wet. Thankfully we put Asher behind us to shield him just before they splashed.

We enjoyed time with Dorothy and very much appreciate her hospitality. :) Next time we see you Dorothy, I am making sure we get a picture with you!
It was a fun get-a-way and good to see family and friends who live there.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Big White Hike

On Saturday we packed up a picnic lunch and drove up to Big White Ski Resort. We drove the back way, which took about 15 min longer (1 hour and 20 min total), but the scenery was beautiful.
Once we arrived at Big White we hiked up to Rhonda Lake. It was 2.5km up the mountain, a 279 meter (920 foot) climb! I carried Asher on my back with the Ergo, and Ian carried our lunch and all our water. The kids did an awesome job, there were some really steep sections, but they kept on and were looking forward to getting to the lake as their reward at the top.

The fall colors on the mountain were awesome.

We made it!

We ate our lunch on the picnic table and explored the shores.

Marin said the water was cold, and if she says it is cold then you know it is real cold!
The kids had a little dance party on the rocks

Family picture on a rock.

The view from the lake.

There is a ski lift up to the top and a run down the side of the bowl on the other side of the trees.

Asher went on a little walk to check it all out too.

Such a little man.

There is a giant chair on the lake shore so of course the kids wanted to sit in it.

So good to be enjoying beautiful BC!

On the drive home Jeriah was asleep in the car before we even got out of Big White, that was a seriously big climb for such a little guy. When we got home we all had a shower and the kids started watching "Road to Avonlea", do any of you remember that show? I enjoyed it as a kid and a while back it came to my mind and so I check to see if the public library had it and they did so I put it on hold. This past week it came in so Saturday afternoon was a great time to start it. The kids enjoyed it, and it was neat to see it again.
We finished it off with spaghetti dinner and the kids were all out like lights at bedtime. :)