Sunday, 1 March 2015

Happy Birthday to Corban!

Mr. Corban is 7!
This was a year of 2 birthdays for Corban, we celebrated with family on Saturday and had a bit more birthday fun on Sunday too. Next year when he turns 8 he will get a real birthday. :)
Corban is such a neat guy, and he loves to learn. Learning about animals, and the earth and environment are some of his favourite things to learn about. Corban enjoys listening to CBC radio and learning from what he hears there as well. He learned recently about the tick infestation in the moose up in northern BC and went on to tell his teachers at school all about it.
Corban has also a growing rock and mineral collection and would like to be a "miner" when he grows up.
Corban loves to play and build with Lego. He continues to love board games, and playing with playdoh. His love for books continues, and he is working on learning to read. He really enjoys being outside, going for hikes or playing in the backyard. 
Corban loves his siblings, they are his favourite playmates, even though they don't always get along.

Corban is enjoying learning to play piano.

We love our Corban Barry so much, he is getting so big and it is hard to believe that he is 7 years old already. He is curious, smart, and loving and we are so glad that he is our boy!
Happy Birthday Corban!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kangaroo Farm Fun from the Summer

So it is the time of the year when winter is (hopefully) coming to an end. It is the time I don't like, the snow is melting, it isn't pretty anymore, and things just look blah.
Perfect time to look back at picture from last summer and to look forward to the summer coming up!
I have yet to share these ones from our first summer here in Kelowna. (Uncle) Mark & (Soon-to-officially-be-Auntie) Erin (wedding happening in early summer 2015!) invited us to join them at the Kangaroo Creek Farm just outside of Kelowna. It was a really fun time, the kids loved it, and so did us adults.
We got hold baby kangaroos!
There were a few albino kangaroos at the farm, this was the baby albino.

Kangaroos like to eat willow tree leaves.
There were adult kangaroos hopping about and eating leaves that people were offering them.
There are also sugar gliders and they were lots of fun too, the climbed all over us. Can you find the sugar glider in each of the next 5 pictures? :)

There were birds too, who liked to perch on peoples heads.

And there were some of these guys, capybaras, such funny creatures. :)

We are planning to go back this summer, it is such a great place!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ian & I in Austin

In the end of December Ian and I had the chance to go to Austin Texas for our friend Cameron's wedding. We turned it into a little get-a-way, and had such a wonderful time just being the two of us.

The wedding was at the beautiful Barr Mansion.

We went to the Zilker Botanical Garden.
Even though it was winter in Texas, there was a lot more life in all the plants then up here in Canada, including roses.

We checked out the Texas Memorial Museum.
And the State Capital.
We also went to see a show called Shen Yun, and ate all our meals in peace, with no children. 
We love our kids, but it was so good to have time together. :)
Thank you Barry, Donna, and Jem for taking care of the kids while we were gone!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Asher is 2!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Baba boy!
Our baby is 2 and not so much of a baby anymore. He is such a fun little guy he loves to be outside playing in snow, or going for a walk. He likes to help me get the mail and takes the job of holding the mail key very seriously, as in he must hold the key as we walk to the mail because if I try to he gets mad.
Asher really enjoys puzzles and quite good at them, he likes to make the puzzle, and them mess it up and make it again.
Here he is showing how old he is, 2, he uses his pointer finger and thumb.
Asher loves to have stories read to him. He really likes look and find books, and really sticks at it if something is hard to find, he doesn't give up and is very pleased when he finds it.. He enjoys Thomas (the train) and Winnie the Pooh. He also really likes diggers and cars. 
Asher plays very nicely on his own, but also loves to play with Marin, Corban and Jeriah and be a part of what they are doing.
He is my little buddy and is fun to take grocery shopping and to run errands with. He is cooperative and likes to see all the things that are going on.
He enjoys library time on Wednesday mornings and loves the parent and tot gymnastics class we go to on Thursday mornings. He has learned the routine of gymnastics class very quickly and gets excited when I tell him it is gymnastic day on Thursday mornings. 
Asher has always been, and continues to be a snuggly loving boy, he loves to cuddle and gives wonderful hugs.  He really likes "sandwich hugs" and if Ian or I are holding him he will reach out for the other and pull us together with himself in the middle.
Our little boy is growing up and we just love him SO much!
Happy 2nd Birthday to our wonderful blessing Asher!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy 9th Birthday to Marin!

Miss Marin is 9 years old today!
Happy birthday to our clever, witty, caring, helpful, loving, gorgeous girl!

Marin is becoming much more grown up, she enjoys helping me around the house and cooking/baking with me. She is able to do many task and it is wonderful to have her help. She likes to come shopping with me to, even if it is just to get groceries.
Marin continues to love reading books, we routinely request in 10-15 books at at time to the library and she brings them home cuddles up on the couch and reads reads reads.
Marin has a wonderful attitude when learning something new, she went skiing up a Big White for the first time this past weekend and LOVED it! 
Marin enjoys going to school each day, she is a very social person and really likes being with her friends, but she also enjoys learning and is really excelling at her school work. 
Marin's love for stuffed animals/teddy bears continues, her room would be filled with them if we let her. She always manages to find stuffy bin at every store we go into. :)
Marin has a fun time playing with her brothers, she is a great big sister and has a special relationship with each of her brothers.

We are so blessed to have Marin as our girl, we love her SO much, she is such a wonderful part of our family!
Happy birthday Marin!