Thursday, 23 April 2015

A s h e r

Asher has been up to lots lately. The funny little guy had us worried for a while, he was taking his sweet time learning to talk. The 3 older kids started talking early/"on time", but Asher turned 2 having not even a handful of words. He communicated very well through jesters and grunts, but showed no desire/need for words. In the late fall I had taken him to a speech specialist and he was tested to make sure his hearing was ok, which it was.  Ian kept saying that Asher was probably waiting till he turned 2 to start talking, just like he waited till he was 1 to start walking.
Sure enough that is what happen! In the past 2 1/2 month his vocabulary has exploded, he has countless words, is putting together little sentences and amazing us with his new ability.
He is enjoying learning colors names, and learning the different classifications of vehicles, car, van, truck etc. What he really has taken a liking too though, is letters. He can identify all the letters in his name and for the most part can tell me every letter of the alphabet.  He can also tell us what the other people in families names start with. He has his own way of saying his siblings names, Corban is "Corcor" Jeriah is "Iah" and Marin is "May-in".

Then he amazed us the other night by listing off all the letters in the alphabet.

You'll notice that he has his own way of saying a some of the letters, C is Corcor, and D is Dada, S is ssss and Z is zzzz.
He also likes to play Reading Ravin on the iPad, which is an early reading program. He can draw the letters and match and identify the letters and short words.
Asher also loves to do puzzles, "pieces", he calls them. He can easily do puzzles rated for kids 3 years old and up and enjoys the challenge of puzzles for 5 year olds and up.

From January to March Asher was in a gymnastics class, he loved it and was eager to participate in all the activities. On the last day of class Ian was able to come along, and I brought the camera since I was not the one helping Asher.

At the end of the class each child was given a report card and a "medal" (an oreo cookie wrapped in foil, on a streamer to go around the neck). He also got a stamp and a sticker for his hand, which is what he is so excited about. :)

He likes to cuddle up and tell me that he is my "bebe" (baby). He puts his hand to his chest and says bebe and then puts his had on me and say mama. If Ian is home, he likes the 3 of us to have a group hug so he can point out "bebe, mama, and dada", and the cuddle.  When we are reading books and looking at pictures of animals he is always finding the "bebes", mamas and dadas in the pictures.
He is such a fun, sweet little guy, and cute too! :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here is a little jig for you all on St. Patrick's day. :)

Saturday, 14 March 2015

An Early Spring Hike

We went exploring yet another different section of the Mission Creek Trails this morning. We really enjoy that there are so many different places to go for a walk here in Kelowna.
Asher was totally stocked, we brought no "baby backpack" to carry him or stroller, he was free and he loved it. He did so well keeping up, actually more often then not he was leading the way, walking stick and all.
The 4 Foulds adventurers.
As we were hiking along, the path was along the bottom of a big steep hill with a plateau at the top. We wondered what was at the top and when we got to a fork in the path where one side went up we took it. It was really steep, but we made it, up and back down again, and this is what we saw at the top. Early spring in Kelowna mean fruit tree pruning time, and the only time of the year burning is allowed. All the black hoses you see are for the irrigation for the trees. In this field the old trees had been taken down, likely to make way for new smaller higher yield trees to be planted.
We came across the biggest pine I think I have ever seen. It took the 3 of them to give it a big hug.
We found teeny-tiny flowers. :)
We also came across an old shelter someone had made.
We had a wonderful morning out in nature. 
It sure was tiring for a certain small cute boy. :)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Happy Birthday to Corban!

Mr. Corban is 7!
This was a year of 2 birthdays for Corban, we celebrated with family on Saturday and had a bit more birthday fun on Sunday too. Next year when he turns 8 he will get a real birthday. :)
Corban is such a neat guy, and he loves to learn. Learning about animals, and the earth and environment are some of his favourite things to learn about. Corban enjoys listening to CBC radio and learning from what he hears there as well. He learned recently about the tick infestation in the moose up in northern BC and went on to tell his teachers at school all about it.
Corban has also a growing rock and mineral collection and would like to be a "miner" when he grows up.
Corban loves to play and build with Lego. He continues to love board games, and playing with playdoh. His love for books continues, and he is working on learning to read. He really enjoys being outside, going for hikes or playing in the backyard. 
Corban loves his siblings, they are his favourite playmates, even though they don't always get along.

Corban is enjoying learning to play piano.

We love our Corban Barry so much, he is getting so big and it is hard to believe that he is 7 years old already. He is curious, smart, and loving and we are so glad that he is our boy!
Happy Birthday Corban!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kangaroo Farm Fun from the Summer

So it is the time of the year when winter is (hopefully) coming to an end. It is the time I don't like, the snow is melting, it isn't pretty anymore, and things just look blah.
Perfect time to look back at picture from last summer and to look forward to the summer coming up!
I have yet to share these ones from our first summer here in Kelowna. (Uncle) Mark & (Soon-to-officially-be-Auntie) Erin (wedding happening in early summer 2015!) invited us to join them at the Kangaroo Creek Farm just outside of Kelowna. It was a really fun time, the kids loved it, and so did us adults.
We got hold baby kangaroos!
There were a few albino kangaroos at the farm, this was the baby albino.

Kangaroos like to eat willow tree leaves.
There were adult kangaroos hopping about and eating leaves that people were offering them.
There are also sugar gliders and they were lots of fun too, the climbed all over us. Can you find the sugar glider in each of the next 5 pictures? :)

There were birds too, who liked to perch on peoples heads.

And there were some of these guys, capybaras, such funny creatures. :)

We are planning to go back this summer, it is such a great place!