Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A mini adventure

Mission Creek runs through our area of Kelowna and there are many nature trails along its shores. The kids and I have been to a number of the different locations this summer. Today we revisited a section that we had not been back to since winter and there was snow on the ground.
Heading down to the creek I carried Asher in the Ergo, and the big three ran ahead.
Their clothes didn't stay dry for long, I did bring towels though. Next time we'll bring bathing suits, there is something fun about just getting soaking wet in your clothes though.
Marin wanted to cross the creek to get to the water fall on the other side, she made it across, and on her way back she crawled/floated through the water. And look her clothes match the graffiti. 
This section of the creek has an awesome cliff and there are holes birds have nests in along it.
The 4 crazies. :)
Asher walked on the way back, I guess it was more of a run. He did pause along the way to hit the seeds off the goat's beard (weeds) he saw though, he thought is was pretty fun.
Once we got back to the van the kids undressed and dried off. We had brought water shoes to wear and had put our other shoes in a bag when we were still at the creek. I was putting my shoes back on and realized that one of them was missing. Marin and Corban imminently volunteered to go back and look for it. They put their clothes back on and ran ahead of Jeriah, Asher and I ( I carried Asher, who was only in a diaper, in the Ergo). We did find the shoe, it was at the furthest point we had gone too though. On the way back we took a different, less used path. There were many large fallen trees across the path, Marin and Corban were very good at helping Jeriah over the logs. Marin said "Even though I know people didn't cut the trees down I am going to call this path "Lumber-jack lane"". Corban especially enjoyed the more overgrown path and has already asked that we spend more time exploring "Lumber-jack lane" next time we go.
It is always a fun time when we go adventuring in nature. :)

I finally clued into putting a Blogger app on my phone and so I used pictures from my phone for this post. :)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

18 Months

Summer is buzzing along and I wish I had more time to share pictures and write about what we are up to, but I don't. I do however want to pop in quickly to write a bit about Asher, who on the 30th of July was 18 months old.
He has really begun to play well on his own, and enjoys time on his own with his toys. Cars are a big hit right now, he also likes to line things up and is particular about the way he likes some things to go.
Tractors are also very much a favorite, hooking a trailer up to the back is a must. He likes to have a morning snack, usually he prefers a banana, while playing tractors.  He puts farmers in the seat and loads the trailer with an animal or two.
Asher also really likes to look for helicopters and planes outside when he hears them. Outside he also continues to enjoy watching birds and he is very pleased that he is now able to help by filling up the bird feeders. He does a really good job of scooping the seeds out and pouring them into the feeder, he also likes to make sure he picks up the ones he drops and adds them to the feeder.
This afternoon he also discovered watching bumble bees on the flowers, he was really impressed by them and was not happy when it was time to go away from them.

Asher is a little clown and likes to entertain, he loves to repeat goofy things he does if it has made us laugh. Putting on footwear of various kinds is also something he continues to enjoy.
Over the past month he has become really into books, taking the time to look at them on his own as well as enjoying being read to. His favorite book is "Cats Cuddles"(which is a book I bought for Jeriah when I was pregnant with Asher, it is about a cat who enjoys cuddles, but likes to cuddle his baby brother best of all). He loves looking through books for animals, especially birds, and points them out with his little finger. If there are 3 birds on the page and he has found 2 and I tell him there is one more bird he keeps on looking. :)
Building with different kinds of blocks is something he is starting to enjoy too, it is turning from always destroying block structures to actually making them. :)

Asher enjoys food, on his list of favorites right now are mini bagels with choc. cream cheese, nectarines, spaghetti, meat (he likes it all), and yogurt.
He has been having fun in the pool, he likes to hold our hands and jump off the edge, he likes it when Ian and I play pass with him (as in we throw him back and forth to each other), and he likes to throw sinkies for Marin and Corban to dive for.
He loves the sandbox, and he enjoys the swing too.
He is a helpful little guy, he helps Corban with his responsibility, emptying the bottom rack of the dishwasher, Asher carries plates to the drawer and passes things to Corban.
Asher is also quick to put things in the garbage, and he likes to help with laundry.
Asher is such a loving and cuddly boy, he gives the most amazing hugs, and is still often ending up in our bed for cuddles in the middle of the night.  :)
Asher is sweet and fun, we love our little guy like crazy! :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Thunderstorm Fun

This afternoon we enjoyed a thunderstorm. It came with LOTS of rain so I am thinking that will stop any forest fires from starting as a result of lightening strikes.
Anyway Marin, Corban and Jeriah were outside playing when the storm started, at first they wanted to come in, but I told them to stay out a bit longer because I wasn't quite ready to deal with 3 dirty kids coming into the house. They ended up staying out a lot longer and having a blast playing in the rain and experiencing all the thunder and lightning. 

After a while they began to get cold, especially Jeriah so they all came in for a nice warm bath. :)
Summer storms can be so fun!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Humming Bird Hike

A couple weeks ago we went for a walk in the woods, it was so refreshing and we all had a wonderful time.
The wildflowers (and weeds) are all in bloom and so pretty.
They smell good too.
Especially the wild roses.
Asher enjoyed his ride.
Jeriah collected sticks, he seems to do this on most of walks in the woods. As a little boy who likes sticks he has still not come to the realization that BC is full of sticks. Due to his first 4 years spent in KSA where sticks are much harder to come by, he now hordes them.
Mr. Corban was a bit slower exploring all the little details along the way and soaking up any information Ian or I had about the plants and bugs he was seeing. He enjoyed spotting the wild roses and thought the "spit bugs" were very interesting.
The Baba (dad in Arabic) and the Baby Baba (he looks much like Ian and as baby), as they are affectionally referred to. :)
Boys throwing rocks.
Marin joining in too.
Corban had a whole little monolog going about the rocks and built them into a story as he was throwing them into the water.
Then Marin and Jeriah joined in.
Super cool part of our walk was seeing this. A mother and father humming bird taking turns sitting on their nest and keeping a very close eye on us. This branch that the nest is on is only about 5 feet off the ground. The nest is soooo small and the egg that was inside was hardly visible. We made sure to stay far enough away, I took these pictures with the lens zoomed in.
Little Asheroo was so thrilled to play at the edge of the creek, he loves playing in water and adding sticks and rocks to throw is the icing on the cake.
There was a bit of a natural pool forming on the side of the creek, Ian and the big 3 kids worked at making a rock dam, we will go back maybe tomorrow and check out what has happened to it.
Miss Marin as usual enjoyed very much being outside in the forest. :)
We even managed a somewhat successful family picture! Look how tired Asher is, he was so pooped, he fell asleep in the backpack on the walk back.