Monday, 15 September 2014

A budding pianist... or maybe we should call him a sprout...

A while back Jeriah was watching Marin play piano and he had that look of awe and "I wish I could do that too", so I asked him if he would like to learn to play as well. He eagerly said yes and so this past week he had his first lesson. Today while he was practicing I took this video. Such a cute sprout. :)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Jeriah's 1st day of Kindergarten

Today was Jeriah's turn to start Kindergarten! He was a mix of excited and nervous. 
He wasn't sure about me leaving him, he didn't know anyone in his class, so he was worried.
He was excited to check out his classroom, and to get to use his new backpack and inside shoes. He was also looking forward to seeing if he would get a take home folder just like Marin and Corban, which he did.
He had a visit with his teacher last week and he was looking forward to seeing her again today, he gave her a big hug and then set to work putting his things in his cubbie.

He was sad when I left, and shed a few tears, but he was brave. Today was a half day and when I picked him up just before lunch I  could see him through the window having lots of fun dancing away during a dancing game they were playing. He told me about the fun he had, and was excited to show me the owl he had made and all the other things that were in his folder.
I think it will take him bit to feel better about me leaving, but I know once I am gone he is having fun. I know he will love kindergarten and that he will have a great year. :)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First day of School 2014/2015

Miss Marin Gr.3
Mr. Corban Gr.1
Jeriah's first day of kindergarten will be in one week so we will do pictures of/with him then.

Ah, a bum wiggle dance party. :) 

Our kids attend Kelowna Christian School so are not affected by the strike. We hope that all our friends, students and teachers will soon be able to go to school/work very soon too.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Miss Marin's New Do

Marin had her hair cut and styled yesterday evening.
She had decided she wanted to cut off all her length and donate it to be made into wigs for kids with cancer.
She loves it and I think she looks super cute and that the style really suits her. :)

This morning we took a little video so you can see the whole 360 degrees of her new look.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In one week school starts!

Summer sure has flown by, it has been busy, there have been relaxing times, and some not so relaxing, but we have enjoyed it.
One of the things we have really enjoyed is our morning outings checking out all the different places to walk/hike along Mission creek. Yesterday we found yet another fun place to play. Sitting beside running water watching the kids play in the water throwing rocks and sicks is a great way to spend the morning. Fresh air, nature, exercise/burning off some energy all in one.

They told me they were being the statue of liberty.

We are looking forward to experiencing fall again the last fall we were here was 2008. For Jeriah and Asher it will be there first ever.