Monday, 9 November 2015

This Weekends Walk

 We went down to the lake to Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary. 

It is fun to continue to explore this city we live in. :)

Friday, 6 November 2015

Halloween 2015

October is over and fall has left with the arrival of November. There is snow on the mountains, and the temperatures are much colder.
We enjoyed finishing off October with Jeriah's birthday, a post on the way, and Halloween. 

"Pun-punks", as Asher calls pumpkins, are always fun! :)

This year jack-o-lanterns, a kitty cat face, and an owl perched on a branch.

A face designed by Corban and "Lloyed the green ninja" from Lego Ninjago (Jeriah's request)

This year Mario went trick-or-treating and he was joined by

a Viking Warrior Queen,

a Little Green Frog,

and a Leprechaun.

The Little Green Frog kept wanting to jump into the Viking Queen's picture.

Such funny cute kids!

They had loads of fun dressing up and going to all our neighbours to collect candy.

Jeriah pose in this one...

We are already working on plans for next year. :)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

May Long Weekend Road Trip

I came onto Blogger to put together another post and was reminded that this one was still sitting here un-posted, so back in May...
We headed out on a quick road trip to the coast for the May long weekend. On Friday night after a busy day of school and gymnastics we ate a quick dinner, the kids had baths, jumped into pj's and we all loaded into the van. We drove to Dorothy's house, and the next day we started our fun of visiting with family and popping into Science world, the zoo and IKEA.

Asher loved the T-rex skeleton, there was no getting him to look at the camera for this picture, and then there is Marin, funny kid.

Corban enjoyed the section on rocks, and had fun with the rock xylophone.

The big 3 all took a try and the rotating climbing wall.

Jeriah had to work hard to lift himself.

Some peaceful time building with the KEVA blocks.

The 6 of us as seem by the infrared camera.

Our little lemurs, #1 & #3

#2 & #4

Walking around outside Science World.

Ice cream at IKEA. :)

Seeing birds at the zoo.

And these red river hogs which were quite entertaining to watch.

And an "usies" on the train. 

We had a fun family get-a-way. The kids are looking forward to our next trip to the coast. :)

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

1st Day of School - 2015/2016

 The 1st day of school!!!

Jeriah is very excited to be starting Gr. 1.
He got to meet his new teacher last week, and was happy to see that some of his good friends from last year are in his class again this year.

Mr. Corban is starting Gr.2, and feeling and acting more like a "big kid". He to was pleased that he had friends from last year in his class for Gr.2
And Miss Marin starts Gr. 4 this year!
She could not be more excited! She has been eagerly awaiting this day for the past week. There are 6 new girls in her class this year and she can not wait to meet them and make new friends. :)

They are all getting to big!

Little Asher wanted in on the picture action too. :) He has been watching the kids get ready the last few days, and has been wanting to wear his backpack around the house and when we leave the house. This morning he wore a his backpack to school too and carried it around the school while we brought the kids to their classes. Next year he can start preschool and I think he will be very happy about that.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

A visit from Nathan & Maria!

Back in July, which seems so long ago now, our very dear friends Nathan & Maria came to visit it us. It was a bit of our "KAUST life" meeting up with our "Life in Kelowna". It was so wonderful to see them, it had been one month shy of 2 years since we said goodbye to them when they left KAUST 4 months before we did. 
We picked up where we left off and had a blast showing them the area of Canada that we live in, beautiful BC. :)
Here Marin demonstrates how we felt about their visit. 

Here they are gold panning in Mission creek, they found nothing... except Nathan ring that he hid in amongst some sand. Haha!

We went out to Margaret Falls, near Salmon Arm.

We had deep conversation,

and walked down to the Shuswap Lake, the stream from Margaret Falls runs into the lake.
Maria found the water very very cold. ;)

The kids not so much.

On the way back we stopped for ice cream at Tappen Co-op, known for its huge cones. The cones we order where called "single scoop" which was actually 2 whopping big scoops of 2 different kinds of ice cream. So much ice cream... yummy though.
ps Maria is holding my cone for me while I took the pictures.

Maria showed Marin how the Duolingo app works, now Marin is leaning French too.

We biked the Myra Canyon trestles, which are only a 20 min drive from our house.

Asher with the inukshuk Ian built him.

The big tree went climbing,

and Nathan took a phone call. 
(Just kidding, there is no reception up there.)

This is the view from our picnic spot.

And thanks to Nathan's "selfy-stick arm" there is a picture of all 8 of us!
(I took this from his Instagram page.)

As I reflected on your visit by looking at the pictures I noticed that, although you didn't see any bears, we did manage to show you lots of "rocks and trees and trees and rocks"... haha!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to visit it us! It was so awesome to spend time with you, relax and have fun! :)