Saturday, 8 August 2015

Canyon Falls

On August 3rd, BC Day, we went on a hike to enjoy some of this beautiful province we live in.
There are many different places to hike in Kelowna, and we are loving the chance to check them all out and go on little adventures.
On the 3rd we decided to hike Canyon Falls, this hike proved to be lots of fun and an adventure for sure. We hiked down, down into the canyon.
The path was narrow with lots of switch backs. We made it to the first falls, the smaller of the two.
We checked it out.
And Marin went into the falls. :)
We then had to climb up a rock wall, Ian went up first to help the big kids from the top and I helped from the bottom. Asher rode on Ian's back. There was a path along the side of the creek, but we had more fun walking up the creek bed on the big rocks. (You can see the larger of the falls in the background)
BC is awesome!!
There were some BIG rocks.
And we made it!
It was fun to explore, the kids loved it!
Marin took our picture.
The big falls top to bottom, about 40 feet tall.

Such a wonderful morning spent out in beautiful British Columbia. :)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Family Day

Today was cool, rainy, relaxing, productive, also sunny and a wonderful temperature. 
Since school finished for the kids on June 17th we have been busy-busy-busy, fitting in all sorts of fun (which I plan to blog about) and home improvement projects. Today though we just hung out together, we went for a 3 1/2 hour long, 8km hike to Angel springs.
It had rained the day and night before so everything was bright, clean, fresh, and it smelt so good, such fresh air! Asher rode in the Ergo most of the hike, but was out and walking for about a 1/4 of it, he loved keeping up with the big kids and checking out all the things he saw along the path. 

It did rain on us while we hiked but we were prepared with raincoats. The area we were hiking was a north facing side of the mountain so the vegetation was a bit more like the west coast, combine that with the rain and it reminded us of our years living in Coquitlam.
Angel spring is a hot(warm) spring and it creates orange coloured tufa deposits, a calcite deposit forms where it comes out in the forest, it coats the twigs and leaf litter which later rot and leave behind this cool porous rock.

We had a snack and a drink near the springs before heading back.

The cedar trees were tall and the rain stopped for a while and the sun came out.

We found a tree with a great little seat. :)

Hikers on the way back home!

Once back at home Ian and Marin made a triple batch of Welsh cakes.

The big boys played LEGO and Asher had a bubble bath, while I cleaned a bathroom, and we of course all ate some Welsh cakes!

For dinner we made pizza and gathered a plate of fresh veggies from our garden. Yum! We ate out on the deck in the lovely breeze and watched the quail families come to feed at the bird feeders in our yard.
Such a great day!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Snips of Summer so far.

Feels like we have already crammed a lot of fun into our summer and we aren't even half way through July! Hooray! Lots more time to have fun!

Some of what we have done so far, made LEGO creations.

Made a trip to the library for some summer reading.

Collaborative creativity.

Finished gymnastics.

Spent extra time cuddling in baskets.

Reading outside.

Played Oma's childhood games, this one is 50 years old. :)

Did my 25(ish) year old Popple puzzle.

Played play-doh.

And more LEGO.

We have also swam in the pool lots, enjoyed checking on our veggie garden keeping it maintained, visited with friends and family and been to Uncle Mark and Auntie Erin's wedding (but that will get it's own post). :)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

A s h e r

Asher has been up to lots lately. The funny little guy had us worried for a while, he was taking his sweet time learning to talk. The 3 older kids started talking early/"on time", but Asher turned 2 having not even a handful of words. He communicated very well through jesters and grunts, but showed no desire/need for words. In the late fall I had taken him to a speech specialist and he was tested to make sure his hearing was ok, which it was.  Ian kept saying that Asher was probably waiting till he turned 2 to start talking, just like he waited till he was 1 to start walking.
Sure enough that is what happen! In the past 2 1/2 month his vocabulary has exploded, he has countless words, is putting together little sentences and amazing us with his new ability.
He is enjoying learning colors names, and learning the different classifications of vehicles, car, van, truck etc. What he really has taken a liking too though, is letters. He can identify all the letters in his name and for the most part can tell me every letter of the alphabet.  He can also tell us what the other people in families names start with. He has his own way of saying his siblings names, Corban is "Corcor" Jeriah is "Iah" and Marin is "May-in".

Then he amazed us the other night by listing off all the letters in the alphabet.

You'll notice that he has his own way of saying a some of the letters, C is Corcor, and D is Dada, S is ssss and Z is zzzz.
He also likes to play Reading Ravin on the iPad, which is an early reading program. He can draw the letters and match and identify the letters and short words.
Asher also loves to do puzzles, "pieces", he calls them. He can easily do puzzles rated for kids 3 years old and up and enjoys the challenge of puzzles for 5 year olds and up.

From January to March Asher was in a gymnastics class, he loved it and was eager to participate in all the activities. On the last day of class Ian was able to come along, and I brought the camera since I was not the one helping Asher.

At the end of the class each child was given a report card and a "medal" (an oreo cookie wrapped in foil, on a streamer to go around the neck). He also got a stamp and a sticker for his hand, which is what he is so excited about. :)

He likes to cuddle up and tell me that he is my "bebe" (baby). He puts his hand to his chest and says bebe and then puts his had on me and say mama. If Ian is home, he likes the 3 of us to have a group hug so he can point out "bebe, mama, and dada", and the cuddle.  When we are reading books and looking at pictures of animals he is always finding the "bebes", mamas and dadas in the pictures.
He is such a fun, sweet little guy, and cute too! :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here is a little jig for you all on St. Patrick's day. :)